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Lover of words, coffee, and life. An eternal optimist. Founder of Kaizen Journaling.
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A friend gave me this book as a birthday gift. It’s not a book I would have ever bought, because I do a pretty good job of living, instead of pleasing others. Or so I thought.

As I read this book, it occurred to me how much I, the awakened woman, still attempt to please people in my life. I didn’t get a divorce as soon as I should have because I was worried it would make my parents look bad in society (we’re Indians. It’s a real thing). I anticipate my partner’s needs even when I’m under stress for…

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Things are tough at the moment, and they are about to get tougher as furlough ends and various government financial support schemes come to an end. Some people have already lost their job, and it seems likely that there will be more job losses. Finding a job in the current climate is difficult, but even more so if you are trying to change industries or overhaul your entire career. However that’s exactly what many people are trying to do. The last 12 months have given many of us time to reflect and reassess our life choices. …

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Recently I got into my head that I want to buy a house. It’s a big decision both financially and emotionally. I started researching options, wondering whether to buy in or out of London. A lot of the research has involved a great deal of soul searching. I was tempted by beautiful, big houses we could buy outside London. But that led me to wonder if I was ready to give up my identity as a Londoner.

I am not a Londoner by birth, but I am a Londoner by choice. After living in four countries and many cities, I…

Photo by Dolly Garland

Whether or not you have heard of the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, you’ve probably heard of one of its most famous concepts: the morning pages. I was familiar with the morning pages, and have done them several times in my journaling practice. But I’d never used the book to do the complete 12 weeks course. So in March, I decided to try it.

I’ve just started Week 6, and it’s been an interesting journey so I wanted to share my thoughts which may be helpful if you are considering doing this course, or just feeling a creative block and…

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We all know that as soon as January 1st arrives, there will be a lot of people making new year’s resolutions, and for the first month at least there will be a lot of chatter about that. And then…well, most of those resolutions will be forgotten.

I don’t like resolutions. They seem gimmicky. But let’s call them goals, and I am on board. I must admit, I do like the tidiness of a new year, or a new month, or a new week to start something. So planning for a new year is always fun. But if you want a…

Ruminations of an average walker

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Day 14. Miles walked 49.48/1000


Let’s get a little of the back story out of the way because it’s relevant. For most of my life, I was an almost couch potato. In 2016, I somehow fell in love with exercise, which then started me off on other activities, including signing up to walk London to Brighton, 100km continuously. I finished that in 2017 and to this day that remains one of my proudest achievements. But that didn’t turn me into an ultra-sporty, super disciplined person. …

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Let’s get straight into it. You are in lockdown, or in a semi-lockdown. You are spending a lot more time with yourself and in your own head. You want to journal, but don’t know what to write about or how to get started. No problem. These prompts will get you going. Just pick one at random, or use them in order. Use multiple prompts in the same session or do one a day. It doesn’t matter. Just go with it, and enjoy the process.

Journaling prompts

  1. Have you enjoyed spending time in your home during the lockdown? Why or why not? Be…

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I use journaling to face just about any problem in life. It’s my first go-to solution, and it has worked for me for years. I use journaling to focus on my personal growth, my mental health, and my professional growth to name a few areas. I also use it for my ever-changing hobbies.

Last few months have been hard for everyone. We suddenly found ourselves in a strange world. We found our global world retreating within stately borders. While we’ve all been in the same pandemic, we’ve not experienced it the same way. Some people have lost their loved ones…

And why we care about that difference

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A little while ago, I wrote an article about content design. The editor changed the title and replaced “Content Designer” with a “Writer”. Their point of view was that people don’t like these “new” terms and that people don't know what content design means.

That’s fine. And completely valid.

Except, that it was still misleading and wrong to replace it with “writing.”

Content Design is a rapidly growing profession in the UK, particularly in the public sector, and speedily spreading to the private sector. There are a few other branches of this. …

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If you are a content designer, I’m sure you’ve experienced this at some point in your career. You’ve been asked to work on a service or a product, that’s already been designed, or mostly designed. There are words on every page — but you are just hearing about it.

This is more common than it should be. A content designer’s job is to convey the information to the user in the best possible way. We can’t do that if we are not involved early enough to understand user needs.

The common problems are:

“Content design — what is that?”

This has been a genuine hurdle in a lot of teams…

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